The Wine

Over the years, the Domaine de Gensac has gained a strong reputation for highest quality red and white wines from regional vine varieties. It is with true joy and passion that we produce our often award-winning wines.

By picking all our grapes by hand, we ensure that we truly only collect premium ingredients for our produce and meet the highest quality standards. As a result our wines are able to compete with the best of their guild.

Our red wines are mainly made from Tannat, Malbec (Cot), Merlot, Fer Servadou and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The white wines are made from Semillon, Sauvignon gris, Petit Mansegn, Petit Courbu and Colombard.

The Armagnac

The 13th century Château de Gensac is an original AOP Armagnac castle. Following ancient tradition, it produces Armagnac of the highest class.

The Armagnac is France’s oldest and most traditional “eau de vie” and, due to its single distillation, a beverage of immense character and noble flavours. By maturing and refining the Armagnacs in our new French oak barrels, we achieve unique and distinctive products that, today, are amongst the best of their kind.

It is with great passion and pride that we combine tradition and modern processes to produce an Armagnac that embraces the centuries of its history but has an appearance and ambition that matches today’s global palate and spirit!

Andreas Larsson – Tasting of the Solo 2009 of Domaine de Gensac

Andreas Larsson – best sommelier of the world – Tasting of the Solo 2009 from Château de Gensac


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